Contract to Hire


Contract to Hire

Hiring employees simply based on the resume & the interview performance sometimes becomes a disastrous nightmare. To avoid the headache, Hire- Get Hired offers you the option of Contract to Hire.

Contract to Hire is a recruitment solution where you hire an employee for a temporary basis with an intention to hire the candidate after a thorough evaluation of employee performance over a period of time. If you find the employee’s performance up to the standards, you may recruit the candidate permanently making a formal offer letter. The simple process offers our clients a breathing space to manage expenses and put extra resources effectively & efficiently use permanent staff most efficiently. Hire- Get Hired allows our clients to recruit staff on a contract-to-hire role with flexible payment terms. After a certain period of time, the clients can hire the employee o revised permanent payroll. Contract to Hire is a hybrid of permanent & temporary hiring.

What Hire-Get Hired offers?

• Find out clients' recruitment.
• We analyse clients' requirements to efficiently handle the recruitment process.
• Scout for best professionals across domains who match specific requirements of the clients.
• We immediately respond in time to clients' requirements with the available resource pool.
• We arrange interviews for short-listed candidates.
• We assist clients’ HR Team in the decision-making process.
• Consistent post-contract follow up and support to collect on-the-job feedback and adjustments.
• We help in quick replacement of the resources depending on the urgency.

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