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Payroll management is a time consuming and precision mandatory activity. Accurate & timely delivery of salary processing is very important for any business. Payroll management is very challenging which requires the need to follow statutory regulations within reasonable time & processing cost. This requires professional help like Hire- Get Hired who have well trained & highly experienced experts to help you navigate the uncompromising world of payroll management. This ensures the payroll management sticks to qualitative & timely delivery. We offer the best payroll management services in India helping account manager to take care of complete end to end payroll on behalf of them.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll

• Accurate payroll processing and on-time delivery
• 100% Statutory Compliance
• Professional delivery
• Employee satisfaction
• No hassle of maintaining the software and data loss
• Minimize the workload on non-core activities and focus on core business
• Your data safe - Automatic backups are enabled, can be recovered anytime
• Role-Based Security for each employee, supervisor, manager or administrators.
• Employee Helpdesk - direct all your employee queries to our team

Let us look into some of the key payroll processing features:

• Fast and accurate payroll processing
• Manage all aspects of payroll management like payslips, over time, Loss of Pay, Bonus, Gratuity etc.
• Gross to Net Calculation
• Reimbursements and claims processing
• Process arrears for one or more employees
• Manage Loans/Advance recovery
• Accurate statutory deductions like Provident Fund, ESI, Professional Tax and TDS
• Full and Final Settlement for the resigned/terminated employees
• Year-end activities and form16

We also handle monthly payroll management for our clients. Our service is the best provided all the input data offered by our clients like New/Resigned employee data and the changes in that particular month are accurate.

What do we do in Monthly Payroll Processing?
• Validate the input data we receive from your organization
• Process the investment declarations received from your employees
• Process Payroll, Arrears, Reimbursements based on input data and latest legislative changes
• Provide all standard and customized reports
• Process Full and Final settlement

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